The 10 Biggest Election-Themed Pop Hits

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Getty Images As long as we've waited for it to get here -- and as much as we feared it somehow never would -- finally, Election Day is upon us. It's doubtful that you really need a playlist of songs to get you in the mood for this election (frankly, if you're not ready for it by now, you never will be), but if you have a little bit of a wait at the polling station this afternoon, you might want a fitting soundtrack to your performance of civic duty. So enjoy this list of the ten highest-charting election-appropriate songs in Billboard Hot 100 history -- not all explicitly voting-themed, but all songs you might be liable to get stuck in your head today for one reason or another. (Yes, even the spoken-word ones.) 10. Paula Webb, "Please, Mr. President" (No. 60, 1975) "Please, Mr. President" was a plea from ten-year-old Michigan resident Paula Webb, delivered over light orchestration to then-president Gerald Ford, asking the Commander in Chief to do something about her depressed dad's recent unemployment ("Christmas wasn't so much fun this year either / Please do something to help us, Mr. President"). Written by 25-year-old Randall Carlisle in response to the laying off of over a quarter-million auto workers in Detroit, the song won't exactly get you pumped to cast your ballot today, but it'll be an exceedingly sober reminder of some of what's at stake with the eventual results. 9. Black Sheep, "The Choice Is Yours" (No. 57, 1992) Queens hip-hop duo Black Sheep don't offer much in the way of political guidance on their signature banger -- though "don't punch girls and we don't punch a clock" is a decent-enough credo -- but they do neatly summarize the fundamental decision at the heart of every election: "You can go with this, or you can go with that." Might not be much of a choice, but it's certainly better than no choice at all. 8. Jeezy feat. Nas, "My President" (No. 57, 2008) One of the songs most associated with Barack Obama's first election in 2008, Jeezy's joyous anthem isn't as...

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