Puerto Rican Banco Popular's Chistmastime Album is a Billboard Latin Music Awards Finalist

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FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME José Feliciano, Black Guayaba, Mozart la Para, Jowell y Randy and more celebrate the story of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora on chart-topping release. Puerto Rican institution Banco Popular’s annual Christmas album is a gift that keeps on giving. De Puerto Rico Para el Mundo, this year’s Banco Popular production, spent three weeks in the no. 1 slot on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart. The 2016 holiday release is a finalist in the Billboard Latin Music Awards Latin compilation of the year category. José Feliciano, the Puerto Rican crossover pioneer who first made his name in the United States with his version of the Doors’ “Light My Fire,” is one of the artists featured on De Puerto Rico Para el Mundo. He performs the nostalgic island classic “En Mi Viejo San Juan,” a fitting choice for the album, whose theme this year is the story of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora. “Puerto Rico is not just an island,” says Carlitos Ruiz, co-director [with Mariem Pérez] of a musical television...

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