OK Go Discuss New Mind-Blowing Video 'The One Moment'

Damian Kulash,Here It Goes Again,Musical ensemble,OK Go

Courtesy of BB Gun Press "I don’t think any other musician’s career is as much about videos as ours." When Tim Nordwind and Damian Kulash of the pop rock band OK Go walk into a room, one wouldn't expect they have performed perfect choreography on exercise equipment as they did in the 2006 career launching video "Here It Goes Again"; have executed scrupulous stunts while floating in zero gravity as documented in this year's video for "Upside Down & Inside Out"; or have triggered 325 events to occur in a matter of 4.2 seconds as they have now done on the newly unveiled video "The One Moment," which the band has shared on Facebook today (Nov. 23). Though, the plain-clothed and unassuming band members have dared to accomplish all these feats, and more. "Since the videos started getting popular 10 years ago, it’s become more and more of a Trojan horse for us to chase whatever we think is fun," Kulash tells Billboard. He compares the fusion of sonic and visual elements to wine pairings -- "the food and the wine are both distinct ideas..." he begins. Nordwind then finishes the thought, "You don’t make the wine thinking what food will this go well with," alluding to the fact that an OK Go song has never been written around a concept for a video. Rather, Kulash says the songs themselves require much attention themselves and that the writing process "takes everything." "The One Moment" is a particularly emotional and earnest song, Kulash adds. "It was important that we make something where the sense of wonder and joy don’t paint that in too pastel or bright a brush. Our videos can be very joyful, but in a buoyant kind of way, and this...

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