Meet Mamamoo: 10 Songs to Get to Know K-pop Quartet

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Mamamoo attend KCON 2016 Day 2 at the Prudential Center on June 25, 2016 in Newark, N.J. The past few years have seen many K-pop girl groups rise to prominence: Gfriend, Twice and I.O.I, just to name a few. But none have gained recognition for their unique styling and immense talent as rapidly as Mamamoo. Two years into their career, the funky foursome has carved out a space in an entertainment field with little room for newcomers by impressing with their carefree throwback style and stunning vocals. The quartet released their latest album, Memory, on Sunday, so there's no better time than now to become well-versed in Mamamoo's discography. 1. “Mr. Ambiguous” (2014) Following several collaborative songs that got the group’s name known, Mamamoo released their first album, Hello, in 2014. Lead single “Mr. Ambiguous” became one of the most popular songs in Korea that year thanks to its playful styling and the quartet’s vocal prowess. The jazzy track emphasized the group’s funk-meets-soul style and helped Mamamoo stand out from the K-pop crowd with their big band sound. 2. “Taller Than You” (2016) After a few years of getting known for their impressive vocals, Mamamoo took a completely different tone on this year’s “Taller Than You.” The song’s old-school hip-hop style changed things up while the tongue-in-cheek lyrics kept Mamamoo’s typical comical tone to create one of this year’s most ingenious K-pop songs. “Taller Than You” also helped further expose how versatile the quartet is as they continue to explore their artistry. 3. “Um Oh Ah Yeah” (2015) This bright track was just what the summer of 2015 ordered, combining the members' immense vocal talent with a synth-pop sound. Like most Mamamoo singles,”Um Oh Ah Yeah” features a throwback touch, namely the bluesy chorus. The a cappella version of the song, which manages to successfully blend both rap and doo-wop, is one of...

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