Bon Jovi Debuts Final Two Music Videos; Short Documentary Focused on Camden, NJ

Bon Jovi,Camden, New Jersey

FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME Bon Jovi's video partnership with TIDAL will come to a "meaningful finale" with the premiere of four visual pieces telling the story of optimism, rebuilding and community in Camden, New Jersey, the band says in a Billboard exclusive. For ten years, the central mission statement of Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Foundation centered around assisting families and issues facing economic despair, with Camden among the Soul Foundation-aided initiatives around the country. Bon Jovi will communicate that theme through two new videos for the songs, "Living With the Ghost" and "Reunion" from their No. 1 album, This House is Not For Sale. In addition to the two videos, the group has included a continuous video of the two, entitled Spiritual Welfare, and the documentary, This House is Not For Sale--Camden, NJ. Directed by Casey Stein, "Living With The Ghost" opens on a bleak, rainy day, with grim statistics revealing that residents in Camden -- labeled 'America's Most Dangerous City" -- have a "1 in 39 chance of becoming a victim to violent crime," with unemployment nearly "double the national average" and a per capita income of $12,807. The camera focuses on a young man walking the streets of Camden, ignoring the dilapidated buildings and closed storefronts as he shuts out the world listening to music on his headphones. Jon Bon Jovi remains front and center, singing the triumphant lyrics "I traded hurting for healing/ I must admit that I was reeling/ Now I’m feeling just fine/ Traded nightmares for dreaming/ Go tell your shadows that...

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