Beyonce Sued Over 'Drunk in Love' Music Video

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Beyoncé in the video for "Drunk in Love." Beyoncé is being sued by clothing designer Dwayne Walker over the use of the Roc-A-Fella logo in her 2013 music video for "Drunk in Love," according to court documents reviewed by Billboard. In multiple lawsuits in recent years, Walker claimed his design provided the basis of the logo for Jay Z, Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke's record label in 1995 and is suing Jay's wife for impermissibly "prominently displaying" the image in her video. The suit was first reported by TMZ. In the six-plus minute video, which has racked up 400 million views on YouTube as of press time, the logo appears briefly in her hand -- it's on Jay's infamous Roc chain hanging around his neck -- for less than a second at both 5:20 and 5:28 in the video (see below). Though it's Jay's chain and he's the one seen wearing it, Beyoncé is the only one named in Walker's suit. This suit is the latest in Walker's attempts to receive compensation for allegedly designing the Roc's iconic image, which features a script "R" over a vinyl record with a champagne bottle substituting for a needle. In 2012, Walker filed a $7 million lawsuit against Jay, Dash, Roc-A-Fella and the label's current owner, Universal Music Group, alleging breach of contract and copyright infringement over the exploitation of his work and claiming he signed a contract with Dash that entitled him to royalties. The defendants disputed the claim, saying the image was designed by an in-house...

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