6 Highlights From Donald Trump's 2017 Inaugural Balls

Second inauguration of Barack Obama,Brad Paisley,Kelly Clarkson,Alicia Keys,Samuel David Moore,Donald Trump

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday (Jan. 20). Following the daytime festivities in Washington, D.C., the families of the new president and vice president made their way to a trio of official inaugural balls around town. Trump’s inability to convince big name acts to perform for his inauguration -- both at Thursday’s “Make America Great Again” celebration and Friday’s events -- has followed him throughout the inauguration’s cycle. In 2013, Barack Obama’s second inauguration featured a national anthem from Beyonce, "My Country, 'Tis of Thee” sung by Kelly Clarkson, presidential ball performances from the likes of Alicia Keys and Brad Paisley, and a Lady Gaga-Tony Bennett private set for White House staff. In contrast, Trump’s inauguration and subsequent events featured few well known stars and leaned heavily on small-scale novelty acts and a large amount of music that’s over 50 years old. In a recent interview Trump assured “the biggest celebrities in the world” would be attending; in the same breath, he said he didn’t want them. After the daytime ceremonies, Trump attended three inaugural D.C. balls: the Freedom Ball, the Liberty Ball and a final one titled A Salute to Our Armed Services. The first two (held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center) were attended by supporting donors and ticket purchasers; the latter (held at the National Building Museum) was filled with members of the United States military past and present, including Medal of Honor recipients. Here’s our rundown of the big events at all three: 1. This Is Trump's Fight Song? Throughout the election...

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