Why We're Psyched For London Fashion Week

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Why does it matter? The UK fashion industry contributes £28 billion to the UK economy. 880,000 jobs are supported by the UK fashion industry and last year over £12.4 billion was spent on fashion online in the UK. Plus London Fashion Week alone is estimated to rack up £269 million each season. So don't even think about saying fashion is frivolous. Where is it taking place? After stints at Somerset House and most recently three seasons at Brewer St Carpark, LFW is making its move to The Store Studios on the Strand. Explaining the move, the British Fashion Council have said 'The Store Studios holds a strategic location at the intersection of north, south, east and west London and has easy access to the river as well as to main central areas such as Covent Garden and Southbank.' Designers set to show at the venue include Eudon Choi and Antonio Berardi while other designers have opted for...

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