Versace trots the globe in style, showcasing individual city street fashion

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Versace's The World is my Beat campaign Italian fashion house Versace is putting a spotlight on street style from around the globe for its The World is My Beat campaign. Versace is bringing street style to the studio with a series of videos, photographs and campaign content that pulls trends from the streets of varying cities. The fashion house has created a guide to street style in the most interesting fashion-forward cities but focusing on Versace pieces. “While everything featuring the Versace name is inherently unique, this campaign does not tread on entirely uncharted territory,” said Jason B. Cohen, chief creative officer at The O Group. “However, the degree to which the campaign articulates the thinking and design intent behind the collection and brings it to life with photography, video and music is unusually transparent for the luxury category.” Mr. Cohen is not affiliated with Versace, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Versace was reached for comment. Globe trotter The World is My Beat is a campaign from Versace that hopes to convey an image of a jetsetter and world traveler. Versace is essentially taking at-home consumers to tour its fashion from around the world with the online campaign. Cities such as Milan, Hong Kong, New York, Beijing and Tokyo are some of the few fashion powerhouse locations that Versace is profiling. Each city has its own campaign...

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