UNC post-doctorate co-founds clothing brand named after beagle


Meet the Beagleman's: a duo consisting of Ben Bolling and Jon Cochran. Outside of their day jobs, the couple are the co-founders and mangers of an online clothing store named in honor of their pet beagle, Lyle. “Jon was working in fashion when he founded it, and he saw a space for urban street style intersecting fashion and nerd culture,” Bolling said. “And I was getting my Ph.D. in English at Chapel Hill.” The company has expanded its collection since 2012, a time when they were only designing T-shirts. “I finished up my Ph.D. last year, so I started having more time for illustration and design work,” Bolling said. “Jon and I started bouncing ideas off each other, and that was where Beagleman’s started moving into areas where we haven’t designed before — athletic wear, outerwear. We moved beyond just shirts and accessories. We’re now starting to work in womenswear and a wider range of products.” Beagleman’s first design was a collection of striped T-shirts created by Cochran. It was inspired by Saint James’ striped raglan tops, a comfortable brand of sweaters they wanted to transform into T-shirts. “Jon wanted to see what could be done with screenprinting, originally, to create that feeling on a T-shirt,” Bolling, who is now a post-doctoral fellow at UNC, said. “We both started talking about how the basic T-shirts we had were all kind of boxy,...

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