This Scandi Style Blogger Has Created The Ultimate #Instabait Fashion Brand

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‘My combination of Scandi minimalism with LA rock boho definitely got me noticed by streetstyle photographers. People would comment saying where did you get so and so. That’s where the idea for my brand came from.’ ‘From blogging I realised people didn’t want to have to wait six months to wear something I was wearing. So I decided to make my collection season-less. I design a monthly collection then release a couple of pieces each week. It keeps it exciting for the consumer.’ ‘My brand is not about being too trendy. It’s more about wearable pieces with a touch of what’s going on in the industry.’ ‘I didn’t go to fashion school. I’m self-taught. In a way it’s an advantage in not having an education because I think like a normal person. I know what the average woman needs. I don’t complicate it.’ ‘Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all worn my pieces. But sometimes a blogger causes sales to spike more. I think it’s because people can relate to them more.’ 'The idea behind #AroundTheWorldInAnineBing was to get engaged with real women who love, wear and inspire the brand. Our biggest fans have discovered us through social media, so it felt right to tap into those same women to find the face for our upcoming campaigns. We asked our followers to upload a photo of themselves to Instagram using the campaign hashtag, and eventually we came across two women in London whose style...

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