This Fashion Editor Will Help You Shop Like a Style Insider

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Booth Moore Courtesy Booth Moore Booth Moore Courtesy Booth Moore When Booth Moore graduated from high school, she didn’t want a car or a EuroRail pass, like most of her friends. Instead, she wanted a southwestern-style blanket coat with silver buttons from Ralph Lauren. She didn’t just want to acquire the coat—she wanted to go buy it herself at the Ralph Lauren Mansion on Madison Avenue. As another graduation gift, one of Moore’s friends drew a picture of her wearing that jacket on the cover of the erstwhile YM magazine, where she interned one summer in high school. To this day, the jacket remains one of her favorite pieces of clothing and it’s still hanging in her closet, as a tribute to how her style has evolved since high school; even the illustration is framed and hanging on a wall in her house. Moore, the Senior Fashion Editor at the Hollywood Reporter, is arguably one of the most celebrated fashion critics on the West Coast. She made a name for herself during an 18-year stint as the first fashion critic for the L.A. Times. To this fashion insider, shopping isn’t about the final product. It’s about the transactional experience between a customer and a salesperson, the lengths that people go to purchase something, or the reward you feel when you finally acquire something you’ve been dreaming of. “Everyone has a shopping story,” Moore said. In her new book, Where Stylists Shop, Moore compiled retail tales from over 175 industry leaders, including Tory Burch, Rachel Comey, Mary Alice Haney and Rachel Zoe. Where Stylists Shop provides readers with a chance to create their own shopping story, no matter what country they’re in, or how fashionable they are. It’s the ultimate shopping guide for stores across the globe, including 21 Tara, the Brooklyn warehouse that outfits HBO’s Girls, to Shabon, Nicole Richie’s favorite pop-up market in Los Angeles, Jardine’s Crescent, one of the top street markets in Hong Kong and the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, South Africa, where designers and artists retreat to discover food, fashion and retail. “Where Stylists Shop” is now available for purchase Courtesy Instagram “Where Stylists Shop” is now available for purchase Courtesy Instagram “It’s for the person who always says, ‘oh I don’t know where to shop,’” Moore told the Observer. “But it’s also for the person who wants to be up on the latest thing and is curious about stylish people and where stylish people go.” By gathering input from stylists, editors, designers, models, as well as including her own experiences, Moore feels that she was able to reach her target audience—everyone. She featured contributors of all ages who are in different stages in...

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