The 7 subtle power dressing tricks Hillary Clinton uses to show who’s in charge

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Hillary has mastered the art of power dressing As America’s First Lady, Hillary Clinton was meek. Playing second fiddle to husband Bill, she rode out her time at the White House in a sea of unmemorable pastel. During her tenure as New York senator and Secretary of State she was serious, in a kaleidoscope of coloured trouser suits that became so infamous they sparked memes. And now with a team of image experts on board (including former Michelle Obama aide Kristina Schake) the Democratic presidential nominee has got serious about her image. Hillary knows all too well that when it comes to getting votes, image counts. She learned that the hard way back in 2008 on her first run for The White House, when she recycled outfits such as a blue-and-tangerine pantsuit from DC-based designer Nina McLemore. We don't need to remind you how well that turned out. Wearing that Nina McLemore suit, 2010 Which explains why, second time around, she's given her image a much needed overhaul. Who's going to vote for a woman who can't even pull an outfit together? Her campaign wardrobe is estimated to have cost $200,000, funded out of her own pocket. Money well spent if it gets her a foot inside The White House. But if Donald Trump gets in, she's going to wish that she'd held on to some of the receipts... New look Hillary has upped her game, wearing a selection of high-end European labels, all put together in her new signature power dressing look. Hillary and Bill in 1992 But before you get too excited, we're not suggesting that Hillary is EVER going to reach any kind of style icon status. Michelle Obama she ain't , I think we can all agree on that. But then it probably wouldn't have served her well to be too fashionable either. While looking the part is crucial to her success, looking too fashionable and trotting out looking like a show pony would have alienated voters. For Hillary's team of image advisors, it was all about finding a middle ground. And this is where they've been successful. There’s no denying that a woman who has been branded as dowdy for pretty much her entire career has positively manipulated her image with her new wardrobe. It hasn’t all been plain sailing....

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