Style Speak: Meghan Markle talks new fashion collection for Reitmans

Actress Meghan Markle has designed a capsule collection of pieces for Canadian retailer Reitmans. Handout Meghan Markle isn’t just another celebrity releasing a fashion collection. While she’s undoubtedly a star, and she is indeed releasing a clothing collection, the Suits actress is a bonafide style aficionado — a fact she puts on full display via her personal lifestyle website Markle is aiming to put her personal style on display with her curated (and highly covetable) capsule collection of pieces for Canadian retailer Reitmans. The release includes five pieces — a vegan leather skirt and pants, a relaxed blouse, cashmere-blend poncho and a mock-turtleneck bodysuit — priced from $54.90 to $69.90. The collection, which is slated to land in stores and online at on Nov. 3 (with an online pre-sale for e-mail insiders beginning the day before), reflects Markle’s aesthetic, as well as her ambition to create and collect clothing pieces that will become staples in a wardrobe, and therefore stand the test of time. Markle chatted with Postmedia about her new collection, her personal style and her favourite piece in advance of the launch. Q: Looking at the collection and your social media feeds, it’s easy to see you’re stylish. Where did you get your sense of style? A: Growing up in Los Angeles, obviously it’s a really fashionable city, but it has a really relaxed quality to it, as well. So, my fashion education came while working on Suits. That was my first exploration of really understanding high-end designers and knowing the level to which they are able to craft fashion, not just as clothing but as art. I didn’t really understand that level of craftsmanship before Suits, and I’m really grateful for that education because it really made me appreciate how much time and work goes in to building silhouettes specifically for a woman’s body. Q: How does your collection reflect that style appreciation? A: For me, in putting the whole collection together, it’s a reflection of where I’ve come from. I’ve always shopped on the sale rack and I’ve always been the girl flipping through the hangers trying to find the best deal. And now,...

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