Style by Seoul Celebrates K-Fashion

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When someone mentions Korean fashion, nine times out of 10 they're referring to Seoul, South Korea's eye-catching street fashion scene. Chances are, most people don't know much about Korean fashion, or "K-fashion" as it is better known. Most of K-fashion's self-professed admirers are either fashion insiders or roaming photographers who have taken an interest in capturing portraits of the hip, the bold and the edgy of Seoul's bustling streets. And then, there's the cult-like following of Hallyu. Hallyu, or "The Korean Wave," is the rise of worldwide interest in Korean entertainment which spans pop music, TV dramas, and movies since the 1990s. In recent years, popular Korean celebrities have held concerts and fan meetings in cities like Jakarta, Buenos Aires, and New York. Korean beauty products, or "K-Beauty," have similarly been gaining popularity not only for their proven skincare benefits, but also for their bizarre ingredients. Snail secretion under-eye patches, donkey's milk sheet masks, and salmon egg night creams aren't even the most eccentric and yet can be...

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