Style and seduction: Lace in Fashion

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Trends come and go, but lace has long been a mainstay on catwalks from London to New York. At its highest end, few materials require such skill, precision and patience to produce, and even fewer still have shaped fashion so considerably over the centuries. While its exact origins are uncertain, the first references to what we would now recognise as lace, emerged in the early 16th century. The intricate, patterned fabric would soon find favour with the affluent elite, smuggled across borders from such key production hubs as Venice to feed the demand for the latest styles. As the looks of the day continually changed, it too would adapt; ruffs and standing collars that saw popularity in the late 1500s demanded bold geometric needle lace, while the softer collars of the early 17th century required reams of narrow bobbin lace. Meanwhile gold and silver lace became an outward signifier of wealth, used to edge gloves,...

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