Rumer Willis Channels Angelina on 'Empire'

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When we last left Rumer Willis, she was hoarding Kylie Lip Kits and performing a cross-country cabaret. Now the 28-year-old is filming Empire in Chicago and starring in ads for Gap Reissue, a series of old-school basics available this month in stores. (#FBF: Willis' mother, Demi Moore, was a Gap girl back in 1990.) Gap asked us to interview the actress and singer about her new campaign—but we would have used any excuse to do it, because she's delightful. Yeah, I definitely have no memory of that happening, but I love that even though it was a Gap ad, she still did it in a bustier, because that's just so my mom. And also, I love that Gap let her do that. They weren't like, "this is so not us," they were like, "this is how you would wear it and that's what we want." And that's what I liked about this campaign, too. I would wear this stuff anyway. [Laughing] I do wear this stuff anyway! I know you like DIY projects. What are you doing to your jeans right now? Yes! Actually, right now I'm obsessed with enamel pins. All different kinds—hearts and...

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