Ogden sisters start online fashion business for style delivered to your door

Fashion,Clothing,Ogden, Utah

OGDEN — From a young age, Angelique and Jasmine Gordon made it a habit to plan out their outfits for each school week. Laying out different clothing combinations and choosing matching accessories became a cherished pastime that carried on into adulthood. Now the sisters from Ogden are dressing women across the Wasatch Front and beyond with their subscription fashion boxes. “We were getting a lot of our friends and family asking us to style them or go shopping with them.” Jasmine said. “So it basically just sort of blossomed into a company.” Sisters Angelique and Jasmine Gordon acquired a love for fashion at a young age. They are now spreading their love of fashion with others with their personal style boxes. “When you look good, you feel good,” Angelique said. “It’s a self-esteem boost, and it also gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your style.” In 2013, the fashionistas...

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