Michelle Obama's fashion legacy and the style tips we've learned from her over the past eight years

Michelle Obama is one stylish First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t the only first lady since Jackie O to use fashion to define her public persona. But she's indisputably the master. Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton all knew the importance of style when it came to establishing substance. Nancy used her signature ‘Reagan Red’ to show her patriotism, Barbara wore a pair of $29 shoes to her husbands' inaugural ball to demonstrate how down to earth she was and Hilary made the 'pant suit' her own, to show who wore the trousers. But none of these women had a lasting impact on style and didn’t even come close to receiving style icon status like the late Jackie O. First Lady Jackie Kennedy wearing Oscar de la Renta America had to wait until 2008 and the arrival of Michelle Obama to get their new Mrs Kennedy. With her polished image and incredible style, Michelle won over the hearts of the American public but there was a lot more to her than a set of toned arms and a nice frock. Right from the start, Michelle was the true master when it came to using fashion to define her image and manipulate the American public. So how did she do it, and what will her fashion legacy be? Wearing J Crew to meet Sarah Brown in London in 2009 Michelle's master stroke, that she first employed on the campaign trail, was using fashion to look like she was 'one of us'. By cleverly wearing high street brands, she looked down-to-earth and approachable, ensuring that the American public could relate to her. In 2009 she won us over by wearing a J. Crew cardigan to meet Sarah Brown in London. Then in 2011, with election time looming again she appeared on the Today Show wearing a £24 H&M dress. And when Barack was re-elected, a £65 ASOS checked dress, that she snapped up in 2011, made an appearance again. Wearing that...

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