LFW's darling fashion moments

Rajesh Pratap Singh,Shirt,Denim,Trousers,Jacket,T-shirt,Tailor

For those of you who couldn't make it (or weren't invited), here's a round-up of the just-concluded Mumbai fashion week's muah moments, told and illustrated Giving the mundane a new cocoon, Rajesh Pratap Singh rummaged through leftover khadi and reused denim from his past collections, and recycled plastic bottles to drum up a novel thought. The result was something like a master class in pitting the banal against new ideas of tailoring, expressed via rowing blazers, baggy trousers, untucked shirts, long jackets with patchwork and, shoes designed from surplus indigo T-shirts. Like an Instagram feed, almost every outfit carried gripping detail, from metallic textures to the heady upcycled mish-mash of negatives of bindi sheets, sipping straws, nipped stockings, sequin waste and Patola saree scraps. In one like-worthy sweep, he turned the pro-environment aesthetic into a groovy statement. As we continue the shift from excess to less, there is nothing as liberating as Goa designer Saviojon's wardrobe of ordinary things, treated with a little irreverence and a lot of personality. He found a nifty way to comment on how we wear clothes today by manipulating an unadventurous shirt style into dreamy summer dresses. He turned convention on its head...

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