Kent & Curwen at London Fashion Week Men's: a Beckham family affair with cross-generational appeal

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Daniel Kearns and David Beckham at the unveiling of the Kent & Curwen collection Teenagers, eh? You spend your formative years paving the way for the 21st century metrosexual man, experimenting with the more radical realms of men’s fashion - hair bands, sarongs, spray-on biker leathers and a questionable foray into corn rows - only for it to be dismissed with one sweep of your 17 year-old’s eye roll. At least it’s nice to know that David Beckham, despite the movie star good looks and style icon wife, is just as much an Embarrassing Dad in his children’s eyes as most men in their 40s. “I’ve been telling Brooklyn for a long time that actually, I used to dress in quite a cool way”, joked Beckham. “And he would just look at me as if to say “no, you didn’t dad”. That’s teenagers for you...”. Luckily Beckham Jnr., alongside his mother, was on hand to show his old man how it’s done, wearing a full Peaky Blinders-style ensemble at the unveiling of Beckham’s second collection from heritage...

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