How Michelle Obama Became a National Style Treasure

Michelle Obama,Barack Obama

In my mother’s kitchen hangs a portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama—it’s a glamorous photograph, taken at the beginning of her eight-year post. It tells of Mrs. Obama’s budding taste and portends of her incredible transformation over her husband’s two terms as president. The First Lady doesn’t wear her hair quite as large anymore, nor is her makeup as heavy as seen in this picture, but there is a sense of optimism, grace, and style in her presentation that persists to this day. I kind of tease my mother about this memento; she has positioned Obama’s picture alongside baby photos of me, my father, and siblings, as if the FLOTUS is a family member. And I guess in some ways she is: We’ve certainly watched her evolution over the last eight years, as she became a widely admired and beloved public figure. This evolution had so much to do with that personable way the South Side, Chicago, native has about her. The obvious intellect and compassion endeared...

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