How Dia & Co Is Fueling Fashion For All, Regardless of Size

Why is it that although the majority of women in the United States are size 14 and above, they only account for 17 percent of spend on apparel? This is the question that puzzled Lydia Gilbert and Nadia Boujarwah. “The average size of women across all ages in the US is between 16 and 18,” said Gilbert. However, this market goes largely untapped by most traditional fashion brands and retailers. Gilbert and Boujarwah via DIa&Co “Style is how we express ourselves to the world. No women, no matter the size, should be excluded from that,” said Gilbert. Thus, she and Co-Founder Boujarwah together launched Dia & Co is a monthly personal styling subscription for plus-sized women, aiming to “spark radical self-love to your style.” Customers take an online survey to determine preferences in style and fit. They are assigned a stylist to curate a selection of five pieces, which are then mailed to a customer's home. Customers keep the pieces they like and return those they don’t. Launched in 2014, the company now serves customers crossing all 50 states and in over 75% of zip codes in the U.S. The...

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