George Michael shaped the fashion of the 1980s and remained a unique style force

George Michael,T-shirt,Tailor,Musical ensemble

Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael (Photo: Press Association) With their flamboyant outfits and matching looks pop group Wham embodied 80s style. Throughout the bands success George Michael and Andrew Ridgley delighted their legions of fans with their unique mix of logo T-shirts, relaxed 80s tailoring, cowboy hats, dazzling white ensembles and head to toe denim. Their iconic Wham ‘Choose Life’ T-shirts were a trend that crossed gender boundaries. A memorable concert was when the pair wore matching Fila shorts and open zip up tops when they performed on stage. Other matching looks included crop tops, white suits and stone washed denim. Their memorable shirtless looks sent fans wild. One of George’s trademark looks were his gold hoops and of course THE hair. If there was one...

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