Fashion with a modest sense of style

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Uniqlo will debut a line of modest-wear in Canada in February, including hijabs, abayas, and pieces inspired by the baju kurung. Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo will debut a line of modest-wear in Canada in February, including hijabs and abayas, the long black dress worn by women in Saudi Arabia, and pieces inspired by the baju kurung, a tunic-and-pants outfit worn widely in South East Asia. “It’s really for everybody, but in terms of a more specific demographic, it’s for anyone who sort of wants that more modest aesthetic,” said Hana Tajima, the British designer behind the line. The collection, for spring and summer 2017, will land at Uniqlo’s two Canadian stores, at Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Mall, on Feb. 24. “Uniqlo really pays attention to consumer demand and there is a consumer demand for modest-wear and we are happy to oblige,” said Kat Adams, Uniqlo spokesperson. “This is such a diverse market, we are very hopeful that it will receive a positive reaction.” Uniqlo has been selling modest-wear in other markets since 2015 and it’s not the only fashion retailer to do so. Since 2014, designer fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY and fast fashion retailers Zara and Mango have launched modest-wear collections of varying sizes and prices. Market research from the...

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