‘Don’t be afraid of fashion’: New Greenwich business launches

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Her vibrant red hair is one of Brooke Helmer’s best accessories. It makes the fashionista and new Greenwich business owner both easy to spot and memorable. On her fashion blog, Helmer frequently advises clients to make their wardrobes sustainable through collecting versatile items in neutral colors. Her hair and standout shoes provide a pop against clothes that she can mix and match easily. Fashion and personal style shouldn’t be intimidating, but for those who see it that way, Helmer wants to help. “Don’t be afraid of fashion,” Helmer said. “You just haven’t found the right outfit yet.” The Minneapolis native knew early on she was destined to end up in New York City’s fashion scene. In college, she started a fashion blog and later did a stint at Condé Nast’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Lucky. Working there “didn’t click,” Helmer said, and she moved on, spending about three years at a Manhattan-based hedge fund. In May, Helmer got...

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