Danielle Stuhr creates Studio to Street style: Fashion Flash (photos, video)


Danielle Stuhr, 34, Rocky River Program manager, lead instructor at Harness Cycle and Yoga instructor at Bay High School How do you describe your style? My style is relaxed but I try to be unique in the styles and colors that I choose. I wear a lot of black and gray, but I love color, too. I look for things that I can wear to work or dress up and wear them out. I don't dress super fancy unless it's a special occasion. I like jeans and leggings. I love shoes, they can make an outfit. I like dresses because they're easy and you can dress them up or down. I'm not high maintenance. As for accessories, I find things I like and I stick with them. I almost always wear the earrings that my husband gave me and I always wear my MantraBand bracelets when I dress up. Tell us about what you do. I'm in charge of all of our instructors and I teach several classes a week at Harness Cycle. Harness Cycle is located at West 29th and Detroit Avenue in Hingetown. We'll be opening a second location downtown on East 6th and Euclid Avenue in the Garfield Building in March. We offer indoor cycling classes the bulk of which last 45 minutes. We also try to inspire and create opportunities to disconnect and engage in yourself and opportunities to learn about yourself. What are the messages you include in class? Our mission is to create community through movement. The message is about being OK with where you are and that when you're facing challenges they are there for a reason and that you can overcome them. Climbing a steep hill can be a challenge that you can grind through and overcome and feel great when you get to the top. It resembles life challenges. At the end, we do a reflection song. It provides an opportunity for riders to take in everything that they just created within the class. My role as an instructor is to help guide you to your best self. I'm not going to control what you're doing or yell at you. I'm a cheerleader. How did you get into this work? I was a schoolteacher. I taught special education for 11 years. I've been friends with Annie (Anne Hartnett is the owner of Harness Cycle) since before Harness existed. She was teaching at another studio and I started taking classes there. Then we both took teaching positions at a studio in Westlake. About three years ago, Annie decided to open Harness Cycle and I joined the team full-time last summer. I miss the kids but...

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