‘Twin Peaks’: Showtime Boss on the Revival’s Launch Plans and How It’s ‘Pure Heroin’ David Lynch

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Network president/CEO David Nevins expects to see a tremendous surge in sign-ups for Showtime’s streaming service come May 21, when “Twin Peaks” premieres, and hopes to capitalize on that interest. Showtime is expected to see its over-the-top service explode that day, given that episodes 3 and 4 will be available on the service the same day as the show’s two-hour linear premiere. Beyond that, the show will roll out in a traditional weekly fashion. “More or less it will be once a week,” he said. “We’re not breaking it into two seasons. David really believes in the drip of weekly television.” He also believes in keeping the show hush-hush – so much that a proper “Twin Peaks” trailer probably won’t be released before premiere. “You’ll see film pieces come out, but they may not be a traditional trailer,” Nevins said. “And they definitely won’t be trailers that give away plot points which is traditional to do with film launches.” (Nevins said rumors that “Twin Peaks” might premiere at Sundance were misguided.) Asked to elaborate about the episodes, Nevins would only say “the core of it is Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.” He said he believed fans would be satisfied with the revival. “This version of ‘Twin Peaks’ is the ‘pure heroin’ version of David Lynch, and I’m very excited to be putting that out,” Nevins said. He and programming president...

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