‘The Young Pope’ Is TV’s Biggest Joke (But Shouldn’t Be)

Pope,The Young Pope

What if the pope was young? That’s it. That’s the premise of The Young Pope. That’s the premise that’s spawned a million memes, and now, too, a drinking game. You’ve likely heard of The Young Pope by now, ahead of its stateside debut Sunday night on HBO. (European fans of prestige television have already gazed their eyes on the infamous youthful pontiff.) The show’s title is inherently funny, in contrast to the self-seriousness of Jude Law, titular Vatican hottie, shooting azure daggers with his baby-blue gaze in posters and trailers. The whole package—the title, the premise, the advertising—has become some sort of pop-culture Holy Trinity from which a whole congregation of devout tweeters were born, playfully mocking the show, sight-unseen. Confusingly, this manifested itself in the impulse to replace song lyrics with phrases relating to young popes. For some reason, the holiest of such rewritten hymns has become “All Star” by Smash Mouth. There are others. Many (many) others. [Smashmouth voice] Hey now, you're the Young Pope, put your robe on, go play Hey now, you're the Young Pope, get to church, son, get paid — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) December 5, 2016

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