The First Valerian Trailer Is Fifth Element Meets Guardians, And Will Blow Your Mind

Earlier this week, we exclusively had the chance to give all of you lovely readers a sneak peek at Luc Besson's Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets - specifically by showcasing a first look at one of the many amazingly cool alien species that will populate the film. As cool as that was, today is the day we've really been looking forward to, however, as we now get to share with you the first trailer for the movie. And looking like a hybrid of The Fifth Element and Guardians of the Galaxy, it will absolutely blow your mind. I hope that you've now watched this trailer multiple times just to soak in all of the awesome-ness. There is nothing not to absolutely fall in love with here, from the perfect use of "Because" by The Beatles (the first time a Beatles master recording has been licensed for a trailer), to breathtaking visuals. Admittedly it...

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