'Scientology and the Aftermath' Recap: Leah Remini Meets With Former Member Who Claims David Miscavige Assaulted Him

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On the Tuesday, December 6, episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, host and former Scientologist Leah Remini spoke to the man whose job it used to be to discredit and intimidate anyone who spoke out against the church — until he left it himself. Mike’s Story Mike Rinder was once the international spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, but when Leah sat down with him almost a decade after he left the church, he showed her a letter from his daughter, who was still a church member who had “disconnected” from him because he was now a Suppressive Person (SP). The letter accused him of hating her and being a bad person. "'It was embarrassing — it was so embarrassing — being your daughter,'" Leah read as she started to cry She was in Clearwater, Florida, the “Mecca of Scientology,” where the flagship church, or “Flag,” is located. She said it felt “weird” to be back there and expressed concern that cameras around the premises of Flag would notice her. Mike, who was a member for 46 years, still lives in Clearwater. He said that during his time as spokesperson, if anyone threatened the church or spoke against it, he followed them, hired private investigators, posted cruel things about them online and more. It was the perfect position for him because he became a full-time clergy member in the Sea Organization (Sea Org) at the age of 18 to defend Scientology from what he saw as attacks against it. He used “fair game” — the idea that lying to, tricking or otherwise abusing an “attacker” of the church — was justified and righteous if it...

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