Rebecca Ferguson Won't Perform at Trump's Inauguration, No 'Strange Fruit' Performance Happening

Rebecca Ferguson (singer),Billie Holiday,Strange Fruit

Rebecca Ferguson, best known for being a contestant on The X Factor UK, was asked to perform at Donald Trump‘s inauguration next week and agreed only if she could the classic song “Strange Fruit.” The Billie Holiday tune has strong significance to oppressed people and she felt it would be the perfect, and only, song she could sing at the event. “Due to circumstances beyond my control concerning the offer to perform at the Inauguration Concert, I was thrown into the middle of a political arena last week,” Rebecca said in a statement this week. “I wasn’t comfortable with the song choice made on my behalf, and although I’m very blessed to have a gift that gives me amazing opportunities, as a mother and an artist, I had to defend my stance. That is why I made the decision to sing ‘Strange Fruit’ when I was invited.” “I requested to sing ‘Strange Fruit’ as I felt...

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