No fires to put out and no fun — Fallon boring as Golden Globes host

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Host Jimmy Fallon onstage during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Jimmy Fallon brought no shock, no awe and no fireworks as he tepidly danced his way through the Golden Globes as host. That is not a good thing, because there's almost no point to watching the Golden Globes if the host is overtly nice to the preening collection of booze-swilling Hollywood insiders that come out to collect their awards. The show, which styles itself as a biting, eclectic, alcohol-fueled fun-fest compared to the self-serious Oscar or Emmy telecasts, is supposed be wild and the host is supposed to take everyone down a notch. But just a year after Ricky Gervais' deliciously vicious second turn as the Globes' host and two years after his pals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler knocked the ball out the park, Fallon, who has never had much of an edge when it...

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