Mads Mikkelsen Hints At Truth Behind Huge ‘Star Wars’ Plot Hole

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HBO It doesn’t take a big “Star Wars” fan to recognize the Force is not with the Death Star. Here you have this colossal death machine that took years to create, and some snot-nosed kid ― who’s probably just worried about picking up power converters from Tosche Station ― comes along and blows it up. It just doesn’t seem right. For a while now, Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star has been seen as one of the biggest plot holes in “Star Wars.” How could this high-tech, futuristic weapon possibly be that vulnerable? But it’s not just the Death Star. The second Death Star and Starkiller Base also get destroyed. (Hopefully the Empire has good insurance.) So why does this happen? “Rogue One” may finally reveal the answer. From the trailers, we can gather that Mads Mikkelsen’s character, Galen Erso, is working on the Death Star against his will. It’s theorized that he may have intentionally sabotaged the design. Since so many of the Empire’s death weapons blow up, The Huffington Post asked Mikkelsen if we should give his character credit for providing the Empire with faulty plans, which would explain things. The actor said with a laugh, “I think we should credit my character for a few things. I mean, I created the problem [of the Death Star], but I’m also part of the problem-solving.” With that, the most unforgivable “Star Wars” plot hole may finally be resolved. Mikkelsen’s character obviously sabotaged the design from the beginning. Erso we think. The plan to take down the Death Star isn’t Erso’s alone, though. Mikkelsen gives a hat tip to the other actors in...

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