LARS ULRICH: We Were Talking About Making LADY GAGA A Permanent Member Of METALLICA

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METALLICA's collaboration with pop superstar Lady Gaga at the 59th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night (February 12) turned into something of a disaster when the Grammy sound crew did not turn frontman James Hetfield's mic on, forcing him to share the mic with Gaga after the first verse and chorus. That seemed to take the steam out of the song, although a scantily clad Gaga gamely gyrated around the stage and even dove into the audience at one point. The performance was not helped by the other onstage dancers feebly pretending to be metalheads, and as a further humiliation, presenter Laverne Cox did not even introduce METALLICA by name. At the end of the song, a visibly angry Hetfield hurled his guitar at a road crew member while kicking over his mic stand. Prior to the performance, METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke about how the Gaga collaboration came about. He said (see video below): "You know how the Grammys always like to have their duets thing. And so when it was suggested that Lady Gaga do it, we thought, 'That's interesting.' But when she came down to actually work with us with the song last night, it turned out really, really, really well. I mean, she was...

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