Lady Gaga promises 'tremendously athletic show'

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Super Bowl halftime show news conferences are funny little things. Ostensibly, this is an event designed for the dissemination of information on the performance, with the artist -- in this year's case, Lady Gaga -- speaking directly to the media for the first and only time ahead of the big game. Only Gaga -- like every Super Bowl halftime performer that has done this news conference before her -- is unwilling to part with any information about her show. This makes sense, of course: Half the fun of a halftime show is guessing what it will look and sound like. Why introduce spoilers three days before the show? So Gaga non-answered like a skilled deflector. Questions about the setlist, special guests, costume changes, stage plans and Beyonce -- always questions about Beyonce -- were met with differing polite versions of a "No comment." This made the news conference a success for both Gaga and the NFL. The goal for us was to learn nothing ... and it was a grand success on that front! Pretty much. Our takeaways from the annual spectacle: » Did you know Terry Bradshaw was a Little Monster? Of course you didn't, but, yeah, now you do. The Steelers legend-turned-FOX analyst was seated in the audience during the Q&A session and asked if Gaga planned to play "Edge Of Glory" -- a personal favorite of the erstwhile Blonde Bomber. Gaga non-answered but had a fun back-and-forth with Bradshaw, who at one point asked if Gaga's grandmother -- a huge Steelers fan -- was single. You really have to hand it to Ol' Terry: He's mastered the buzzed uncle schtick. (Mike Tomlin declines to hand it to him). Again, this is Terry Bradshaw's favorite song. How 'bout that. » Gaga said she was watching Super Bowl halftime shows before she...

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