Honda Brings Celebrity Yearbook Photos to Life in Super Bowl Ad

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Tina Fey clutched a red rose in her high school yearbook photo. Amy Adams just couldn't seem to keep her hair out of her face in hers. And Jimmy Kimmel, dressed in a clown-size bow tie and bright blue suit jacket, held on to a clarinet as a baby-faced member of his high school jazz band. We know only this because of Honda's funny and charming Super Bowl ad, in which younger versions of nine A-list celebrities spring from the pages of their yearbooks. The rest of the cast includes Steve Carell, Viola Davis, Missy Elliott, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Stan Lee and Robert Redford. The 60-second spot by Honda agency of record RPA was released today to coincide with "Throwback Thursday," the weekly social media phenomenon that celebrates all things retro. Honda has arranged for some of the ad's stars to interact with fans today on social media. On Sunday, the spot will air in the first ad break of the game's second quarter. The ad, which is part of the automaker's long-running "Power of Dreams" campaign, is meant to plug the all-new 2017 Honda CR-V as the SUV celebrates its 20th anniversary. "We are hoping that a lot of people jump on that bandwagon and post their own yearbook photos to kind of help us get this message out," said Susie Rossick, assistant-VP for Honda auto marketing. Honda considered a variety of ad concepts but landed on the yearbook idea because it hit on the theme of "always chase your dream and never give up," Ms. Rossick said. The first-generation CRV appeared on the Super Bowl in 1997. The 2017 edition is "a culmination of our engineers and our designers dreams," she added. "It all just fell into place." She credited RPA Executive Creative Director Jason Sperling for passionately pushing the concept because it had potential for extensions beyond the TV ad, like the Throwback Thursday execution. "There were a few ideas we...

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