Everything you need to know about 'The Walking Dead' midseason premiere

The Walking Dead" returned Sunday night, and as the midseason finale hinted in a wordless closing sequence in December, Gang Grimes is reunited and ready to rumble with Negan's Saviors. Sunday night's premiere begins with Father Gabriel, who has found his bravery of late, raiding Alexandria's food stores before stealing gas and a car and driving off. Rick's crew, meanwhile, is at the Hilltop colony, trying to convince the community's spineless "leader," Gregory, to get his folks to join Alexandria and take on Negan's army. Gregory, as wormy as ever, rebuffs them, but to Rick and company's surprise, Enid has found a band of Hilltop's folks ready to resist the Saviors. Rick and company think they have to get back to Alexandria in case Negan's gang comes looking for Daryl -- but Jesus reveals he swiped one of the Saviors' walkie-talkies when he sneaked into their compound, so he'll get a heads up if any Saviors go on the move. With that in hand, he tells Rick, "It's time you met Ezekiel...King Ezekiel." They decamp to Ezekiel's Kingdom, where they're reunited with Morgan, and meet the eccentric leader of the medieval-like compound...

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