Ellen DeGeneres Seduces Jamie Dornan with Office Supplies in Their Hilarious Fifty Shades Spoof

Ellen DeGeneres,Jamie Dornan,Wig,Fifty Shades Darker (film)

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to turn sexy into silly — just trade the toys Jamie Dornan‘s Fifty Shades of Grey character uses in the bedroom for Scotch tape and staplers. Although the sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were filmed back-to-back, DeGeneres presented an idea for a fourth movie — entitled Fifty Shades Darkest — and used the series’ leading man to act out a scene for the parody when he visited her show. Donning a wig to cover his newly shaved head, Dornan is relaxing on a bed when the talk-show host enters the room dressed as a seductive Staples worker, complete with...

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