Ellen DeGeneres explains ‘Finding Dory’ for presidents who might have missed the point

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A day after signing the hugely controversial travel ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim nations on Friday, President Donald Trump held a private White House screening of the Disney-Pixar hit “Finding Dory.” Maybe you’re among those who find juxtaposition of the Ellen DeGeneres-starring animated family pic with the previous day’s xenophobia particularly ironic. You might even wonder how someone could watch a movie while missing the point entirely, or even embodying the opposite of the point. If so, you’re not alone. DeGeneres noticed it too, and as such, in a rare departure from her usual apolitical stance, used her monologue in Monday’s episode of her syndicated talk show to explain the plot of “Finding Dory” in terms even someone who misspells the word “unprecedented” can understand. In honor of her birthday on January 26th, take a moment to appreciate some of the lesser-known aspects of DeGeneres's life. Also Read: Trump's Muslim Ban Is 'Both Unconstitutional and Deeply Wrong,' Says Writers Guild of America Noting the mass protests that have broken out at airports across the country since the ban was enacted, DeGeneres insisted she doesn’t “get political,” and simply wanted to discuss “the very non-political, family-friendly, People’s Choice award-winning “Finding Dory.” Talking the audience through the plot of the film, DeGeneres emphasized its themes of friendship and community while noting some very on-the-nose parallels to the current political discussion. She concluded with this: “Even...

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