Doctor Strange: What the post-credits scenes mean

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Doctor Strange expands the scope of the Marvel Studios film series. Characters regularly talk about the “multiverse,” a concept tragically central to basically every major mainstream comic book story of the last few decades. And characters frequently take far-out trips to outer realms of sub-reality, into dark macro-micro dimensions beyond space and time. Coming in at the midpoint of the MCU’s Phase 3, Strange marks an important step outward, establishing some core concepts that may point toward the megafranchise’s future. There are also, of course, a couple of post-ending sequences, which definitely point ahead to some future developments in some upcoming sequels. Let’s discuss them! SPOILER ALERT! See also The Mid-Credits Scene Dr. Stephen Strange sits in his office, looking well-ensconced in his new role as Earth’s main defender against mystical forces. Across from him is a visitor, someone who definitely doesn’t like tea: Mighty Thor, god of Thunder and Civil War non-combatant. Strange tells Thor he’s in charge of monitoring any extra-dimensional threats to Earth. Apparently, Thor has brought one such threat to Earth: his brother, Loki. Thor explains he and his brother have come to New York to find their father, Odin. Strange offers to help them. Also, Thor drinks a lot of beer. This scene is setting up Thor: Ragnarok, which arrives on Nov. 3, 2017. We knew the film would somehow feature Mark Ruffalo’s runaway Hulk, and now it seems Benedict Cumberbatch will also join the cast. (Actually, it’s possible this scene will actually be in the movie – much like how the Ant-Man post-credits scene appeared in Civil War.) The last time we saw Loki, he was sitting on the throne of Asgard impersonating his lord father Odin. Thor thought Loki had died in his battle against (sigh) the Dark Elves. During Age of Ultron, the Thunder God had a vision in (sigh) a mystical pool, which led him to depart Earth for points cosmic. Given what he says in the post-credits scene, it sounds like he has uncovered Loki’s deception. But the nature of that deception may be more complicated than we know. The end of The Dark World implied Loki...

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