Do Star Wars: The Last Jedi Foreign Titles Reveal the Title is Plural?

Star Wars,Jedi,Plural,Luke Skywalker,Rey (Star Wars)

One of the major debates when the official title of Star Wars: Episode VIII was revealed as Star Wars: The Last Jedi came from grammar fans - seriously. Like ninja, fish, or deer, the plural of Jedi is Jedi; so is the title meant to talk about one character, like Luke Skywalker or Rey for example, or multiple characters, like Luke Skywalker and Rey for example. With The Last Jedi currently tied for first in's all-movies anticipation rankings with a 4.54/5 (tied with Infinity War), it's safe to say fans are looking for every clue they can get. Well, overnight the title was revealed in foreign markets, as it started showing up on the official twitter accounts of several other countries, and every one of those has something in common: They're all listed in plural. France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy, and more are saying, thanks to the fact they have plural articles, that Jedi is, for lack of...

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