Dennis Quaid Finally Responded To That "A Dog’s Purpose" Controversy

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1. Recently, the film A Dog’s Purpose has been garnering controversy after a video was released that appeared to show a German shepherd struggling while being forced into water. 'A Dog's Purpose' Video Shows Terrified German Shepherd Forced to Film — TMZ (@TMZ) The video had PETA calling for a boycott of the film. 2. And on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, the film’s star, Dennis Quaid, finally addressed the controversy, essentially saying that the video was edited in a misleading way. 3. “Somebody did shoot some video, and then took that video and edited other pieces to it to make it look like a dog was abused on set,” Quaid said. Kimmel: “Why would they do that?” Quaid: “Well, he held onto it for 15 months, until a week before the movie’s coming out and then makes a storm about how the dog was abused. If the dog was abused, why didn’t he raise something at the time?” Kimmel: “You didn’t see any dog abuse?” Quaid: “No. I don’t know, maybe it was a guy who was at the inauguration taking some video, as well.” 4....

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