Anchor Becomes the News as Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox News for NBC

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Megyn Kelly’s new office at NBC News sits a block north of Fox News headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. But it might as well be a world away. In switching networks at a pivotal point in her career, Ms. Kelly, the No. 2-rated personality in cable television news, is taking a calculated risk that she can swap her dedicated Fox audience for the broader, but more fickle, viewership of network television. There are challenges from the get-go. Her splashy arrival has the potential to fray nerves among the big personalities at the network — who already compete against one another for interviews and scoops. Ms. Kelly, 46, will also be taking on a daytime talk show format that has been a virtual graveyard for television news personalities in the last 10 years. And the new Sunday newsmagazine show that NBC plans to build around Ms. Kelly will go up against a giant that has not been meaningfully challenged for decades: “60 Minutes” on CBS. Still, Ms. Kelly is a bona fide star with a best-selling book and a breakout role in this year’s presidential campaign, when she clashed with Donald J. Trump. NBC News comes out the winner in one of the most closely watched talent sweepstakes in years, acquiring one of television’s biggest names who could play a role in any number of major network events, like coverage of elections or the Olympics. Interviews on Tuesday with network executives and producers — from Fox, NBC and other rival channels — suggest that Ms. Kelly’s performance at NBC will be as closely watched in the industry as her past few months of contract negotiations. Ms. Kelly will have to design her daytime talk show from scratch. Even though she made her name as a news anchor, she has argued that she is not obsessed with politics. When she hosted a prime-time special on Fox in May — her first major foray outside cable news — she expressed a desire to combine the qualities of Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters and Charlie Rose. That special — which featured interviews with Mr....

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