16 funny Alec Baldwin SNL sketches to celebrate his return as host

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Pinterest Before there was President Donald Trump, there was Tony Bennett and Robert DeNiro. The world’s creepiest scoutmaster, bakery owner Pete Schweddy, and Gary Jonas also can’t be overlooked. Of course, the thing these men all have in common is Alec Baldwin, their smooth-talking portrayer set to host his record-setting 17th episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend. Baldwin’s been a constant fixture this season as President Donald Trump, but this week, he’ll take on more than the combover and hand gestures as the man of the hour and a half. In honor of the gig, EW has rounded up sketches from each of his episodes as host, stretching all the way back to 1990. Watch the funny videos below. 1. “Brenda the Waitress,” 1990 Following a stellar monologue in his first hosting gig, Baldwin delivers a hilariously understated bit as a rogue cowboy full of sexual innuendos at Jan Hooks’ diner. 2. “Lank Thompson: Handsome Actor,” 1991 Lank Thompson (Mike Myers) may be handsome, but no one’s more handsome — or hilarious — than Alec Baldwin playing himself, employing all the clichés audiences have come to expect from attractive actors. Also of note is the appearance by a young Conan O’Brien, who was a writer on the show at the time. 3. “Tipping” monologue, 1993 If you ever wanted to catch Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, and Paul McCartney in a scene together, this monologue, where Baldwin goes behind the scenes...

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